Become an Ami today!

You're cultured. You're informed.

You understand the important role Festival plays in the community. Join Taylor in bringing the world's music and cultures to Lafayette year after year.

Become an Ami today!

How much do you want to give?

We have different levels of giving to fit any budget.

Your support can be a one-time donation of $50 or a sustaining contribution of $10 a month - every little bit helps!


$50 or $5 monthly

Pays for instrument

rentals for stages


100 % tax deductible

Pays for Francophone Outreach

School Program

Bon Ami


Official 2018 Sticker

Exclusive AMI T-Shirt

10% discount on all Festival passes

10% discount on all Festival merchandise

100% tax deductible

$100 or $15 monthly

$250 or $30 monthly

Pays for activities at Scène des Jeunes (children's area)

Grand Ami

All perks of Bon Ami PLUS

One (1) Lagniappe Pass

Listing on Festival website

Tax deductible less $50

Pays for Street Animation

Très Bon Ami

All perks of Bon Ami PLUS

Two (2) Lagniappe Passes

Stage recognition during Festival International 2018

Listing on Festival Website and in Official Festival Guide*

Tax deductible less $100

$500 or $50 monthly


Pays for bringing an International artist to Festival 2018

Magnifique Ami

All perks of Bon Ami PLUS

Official 2018 Poster

Two (2) Bons Temps Passes

Official 2018 Festival International Pin

Stage recognition during Festival International 2018

Listing on Festival Website and in Official Festival Guide*

Tax deductible less $300

Letter from Festival Board President

Cher Ami,

It takes a growing community of friends and family to bring the world to Downtown Lafayette.

Festival International de Louisiane invites you to become an Ami du Festival for 2018.

Last year, our Amis were extremely generous and contributed over $34,000 to the cause. We ask you to join us and continue to be a part of the close-knit community of supporters. As an Ami, your donation will contribute to incredible street animation, creative activities at Scène des Jeunes (Childrenʼs Area) and bringing an International artist to the Festival. We hope that you will consider renewing your contribution. We couldnʼt do this without you!

Thank you for your continuous support and consider becoming an Ami today.

Letʼs Own the Moment!

*Deadline for Festival Guide - FEBRUARY 3, 2018

Thank you to our 2017 Amis du Festival!


Hab Barton / Barton Advisory Services, LLC.

Alan and Karen Benit

Jacques Bourque & Esther Winn

Maureen Brennan

Alan Broussard and Laura Lawton

Nancy Broussard

Dr. Bose and Priya Cheeran

Davie & Susan Comeaux

Thomas & Carmer Falgout

Richard Fox & Peggathy Gabriel

Tim Guidry & Joey Mouton

Drs. Jack and Padmini Gupta

Michael & Erin Helms

Dr. Amarendu and Pooja Kasarla

Drs. Shankar and Manjula Kothapalli

Steven Landry

Drs. Ankur Lodha and Mahendi Haran

Dr. Vasanth and Latha Nalam

Paul H. Nicoletti

Kelley Pears

Jim Rees & Jeannine Lanoux

Charles Richard

Charles Taylor Rock, Jr.

Neysha SwirlGirl

Tidewater Oil & Gas Properties, LLC


Andy & Kathy Vodicka

John & Gabrielle Witmer


3M Foundation

Lee Bairnsfather

Corey & Sarah Barlow

Becker and Associates

Geri Bercegeay

The Drs. Berkeley - Rhonda and Ish

Keith Breaux

Elizabeth “EB” Brooks

Alan & Brenda Broussard

Richard & Kathy Broussard

Robert L Dafford

Jordan Kellman & Maribel Dietz

Andrew Duhon & Mitzi Moss

Randy & Andrea Guidry

Gulf Coast Landscapes

Drs. Sharod and Sarika Gunda

Erin Helms

Pascale & Jacques Henry

Sally Herpin

Huval, Veazey, Felder & Renegar, LLC.

Dr. Joe Jacobs & Nohemi Martinez

Tim & Tammy Kelly

Dr. Ramesh and Padma Kolluru

Elizabeth & Scott Mayers

Mandy Migues & Karl Schott

Drs. Susan Mopper & Karl Hasenstein

Alyce Morgan

Georgie S. Mouton

Jody & Lenny Nederveld

Jerrod Olivier

Ajay and Bindu Patel

Bradley & Linda Pothier

Buz and Libby Reid

Cecille & Rick Revels

Bobby L Schexnayder

Willie Schutz

Raj and Urmi Shetye

Suraj Subramanian and Dr. Reshma Bhanushali

Mike & Suzanne Whittenberg


Stephen G. Abshire

Will & Carlee Alm-LaBar

Richard N. Arcuri Jr

Bayou Blossoms

Stephen & Veronica Beasley

Nancy & Paul Body

Cherie Breaux & Rob Bochnik

Beth Brignac

Stuart Burgess

David L Card

Amy Chauvin

Erin & Glenn Colaco

Marie-Lynn Conque-Martin

Jay Courville, Jr.

Brad Cradeur

Tony & Sheila Davoren

Allison & Peter DeHart

Kay Dupre

Kenneth Duzan

Paul Eaton

Louis Eber

Evangeline Optical

Al & Sandy Foreman

Claire Friedman

Daniela Gonzalez

Jared & Erin Gray

Corey Guidry

Myra Guidry

Mary Grace Hebert

Laurie Kelly

Jim & Geri Kreamer

Carl & Jan LeBlanc

Misty LeBlanc

Lauren Leonpacher

Gus Levy

Ashley Mick & Mitch Lowry

Andre, Lyne & Jackson Mitchell

Hailey Moon

Ryan & Brittany Petticrew

Christophe Pilut

Katie Poche

Lucile Prejean

Debbie Pritchett

Lauren Claire Rabalais

Suzanne Rees

Drew Richard & Amber Kemmerly

Maurianna Robichaux, Realtor

Charles Salassi

Tucker Sappington

Elizabeth Savoy

Kathleen Schrader

Keith & Camille Simon

Hunter & Jamie Simmons

Sarah Spring

Alan Stewart

Richard Stokes

Kraig & Kelly Strenge

Robert Vied

Jennifer Warnke

Cathy Webre

Mike & Gayle Webre

Becca White

Lalith Wijayasuriya

Jerry & Kate Zutell

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